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Bloated healthcare prices will increase with industry in charge of cost reductions – Indy Star

PPP member, Dr. Mercy Hylton, is a pediatric emergency physician and writes an important Op-Ed in the Indy Star about healthcare price increases.

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Virginia is One Signature Away from Allowing NPs to Practice Autonomously After Two Years’ Experience

Should Virginia NPs be allowed to practice without physician supervision after only two years of experience? Gov. Glenn Youngkin may decide as early as today.

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Response to: “One Thing That Should Be on CMO’s Priority List,” Becker’s Healthcare, January 25, 2022

PPP's Rebekah Bernard responds to the article, saying: "If a fully trained physician... is considered inadequate to care for intensive care patients, how then can it be considered safe to allow NPs and PAs, with far less training, to fill that same role?"

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