A bill in the United States House of Representatives would help preserve the physician-led model in anesthesiology for America’s veterans. House Resolution 7048 would prevent the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs from replacing physician anesthesiologists with CRNAs. This bipartisan legislation would help ensure that veterans receive the best possible care from highly-trained anesthesiologists.

Physicians for Patient Protection works to protect physician-led, team-based care. This approach has a track record of excellence and safety as well as delivering value to patients. Better health outcomes result when physicians are empowered to care for their patients.

CRNA training is not equivalent to the training and certification process for anesthesiologists. While CRNA’s have an important role to fulfil in team-based care, veterans—and all patients country-wide—should have access to the highest quality of care provided by a skilled physician.

We urge all PPP members to consider the proposals in H.R. 7048 and to contact your members of the House of Representatives to voice your expert opinions on this bill. Your feedback makes a difference and can help defend the physician-led model across all specialties in medicine.

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