One of the differences between physicians and nurse practitioners is that physicians are regulated by a state Board of Medicine, while in most states, nurse practitioners are regulated by a state Board of Nursing. This distinction is important, because while nurse practitioners are functioning in the same capacity as physicians—ordering and interpreting tests, making medical diagnoses, and writing prescriptions for medications—they are overseen by a regulatory body that includes nurses without experience in this type of practice, which can result in a lack of appropriate action when a nurse practitioner is practicing improperly.

Today we are going to discuss the case of nurse practitioner Jeffrey Young, the so-called, “Rock Doc,” who was indicted in 2019 for prescribing controlled substances to his patients “to obtain money, notoriety, and sexual favors.” Despite multiple reports to the Tennessee board of nursing, outside agencies took five years and action before Young finally lost his prescribing privileges. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Teresa Camp-Rogers joins us to discuss the details of this case.

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