Are health care organizations using the physician shortage as an excuse to install non physician practitioners in roles that a doctor should be leading?

PPP member Alyson Maloy, MD, FAPA, is featured in a story on Medical Economics.

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PPP Featured on NPR Segment on how Telehealth has been vital during COVID, but most people still prefer in-person care

Within the segment, Dr. Bernard’s insight on how patients prefer face-to-face visits is included along with Dr. Bernard’s perspective on the benefits of in-person care (e.g. better doctor-patient relationships).

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In Light Of The Pandemic, Here Are The 5 Things We Need To Do To Improve The US Healthcare System

Dr. Rebekah Bernard of Physicians for Patient Protection is featured in Authority Magazine on

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Amid covid surge, hospitals suffer from worker burnout that forces some to walk off, officials say

PPP's Dr. Purvi Parikh is featured in Washington Post: "The mental toll of pandemic and burnout is real and it is pervasive across the country..."

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