Doctors cry, too. Our broken health care system hurts physicians and patients alike.

PPP's Dr. Bernard writes an op-ed in USA Today about how physicians are deeply invested in patients’ wellbeing but face barriers caused by a broken healthcare system.

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PPP Leaders Write to Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine About ‘Synergistic’ Training of PAs with DO Students

"We are writing to express concern about the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s plan to train Physician Assistant (PA) students ‘synergistically’ with Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine students."

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‘UNSUSTAINABLE’: State lawmakers push health care industry to lower its prices

Mercy Hylton, a pediatric emergency physician and a member of Physicians for Patient Protection, is quoted in a story discussing health care cost reductions in Indiana.

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Bloated healthcare prices will increase with industry in charge of cost reductions – Indy Star

PPP member, Dr. Mercy Hylton, is a pediatric emergency physician and writes an important Op-Ed in the Indy Star about healthcare price increases.

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