Continuing the Fight for Physician-Led Healthcare – This Year & Next

It’s a great time of year to look back on what we achieved together. And also to look forward to 2022 as we continue the fight for physician-led healthcare.

Because of member support, we were able to grow Physicians for Patient Protection this year. Take a look back on the advertisements we ran and the messages we shared.

View Some of the Ads We Ran

We went live with an outreach initiative to nationwide physicians seeking to grow our grassroots and raise funds.

Americans need to hear from us. For too long, patients have been losing the right to receive care from a licensed physician. NPs and PAs have been out-communicating physicians, out-lobbying physicians’ associations, and have consistently increased their scope of practice to the point that the physician-led model is rapidly declining.

Here are Some of the Video Ads We Ran

The new year is a moment for action. We are uniting and speaking out to protect the quality and safety of health care for our families, communities and nation.