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Physician-Directed, Patient-Focused Practices

Our mission is to ensure physician-led care for all patients.

This map will help you find practices who believe that physicians should lead your healthcare.



The green map markers denote practice locations with only physicians (MD or DO) present for your care.  The yellow markers denote practices with midlevels (NP, PA) on-site, but with close physician involvement.

If you have an experience with any practice on this map that makes you question their commitment to physician-led care, please report your experience to us.  We will evaluate your report and modify the map accordingly.



If you would like to add your practice to this map, and you are part of a practice that believes every patient deserves physician-led healthcare, please complete this form to be added.

To find a physician-led practice near you, follow this link.

*Practices denoted on this map have been added because they are believed to be committed to physician-led healthcare.  Presence on this map does not denote any affiliation with Physicians for Patient Protection, Inc.