John Canion is an experienced nurse practitioner who has been working within the nursing establishment for years to improve NP education. Frustrated with the lack of positive change from NP leadership, he penned the “2023 Report on Nurse Practitioner Education and the Need for Change,” which outlines the current state of NP education and proposes solutions that harken back to the original days of NP training.

An opponent of independent practice until serious reforms are in place, John Canion urges changes including:

  • At least 2 years of required RN experience before starting NP school, including in critical care nursing
  • Increased standards for entry, including minimum GPA requirements
  • Standardized, rigorous education, program established and well-vetted preceptorships in place before student enrollement
  • An increase to 2,000 hours of base NP clinical training and an additional 4,000 hours of training within a specialty (Family, Psych, ER, etc).

Read the entire report here.