Rebekah Bernard MD and Niran Al-Agba MD |

As our listeners already know by now, to be licensed to practice medicine, physicians in most states must complete a minimum of three years of postgraduate medical education, called residency training. Each specialty offers its own residency program, but all must follow specific, standardized criteria created by the ACGME—the American College of Graduate Medical Education. If programs fail to meet these criteria, they will not be credentialed by the ACGME, and graduates will not be licensed to practice medicine.

Recently, the ACGME announced revisions to residency training for Family Physicians, and I’m privileged to be joined today by two family physicians to discuss the proposed changes. Dr. Mark Huntington is the director of the Center for Family Medicine at the South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, and Dr. Rishi Patel is a family physician and a relatively recent graduate of residency training.

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