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On September 29, 2021, the journal Medical Economics published an interview with Dr. Alyson Maloy entitled “Covid exacerbates physician shortage.” In the article, Dr. Maloy discussed the effects of covid19 including a push to increase practice authority for nurse practitioners.  A week later, Medical Economics posted a rebuttal written by April Kapu, the president of the AANP, called “Full practice authority for nurse practitioners needed to address physician shortage,” arguing that NPs were ready and willing to fill the physician gap. Because the article included many mistruths, Dr Maloy and her colleague Dr Phil Shaffer, board members of Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP)  wrote a rebuttal to the rebuttal, pointing out all the flaws in Kapu’s argument.

In part 1, we discuss Kapu’s accusations that PPP is a ‘fringe’ organization out to destroy team-based care, and explain why she and the AANP are dead wrong.

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