Today, across the country, brand new medical school graduates are beginning their residencies. It’s a critical period in the training of a physician—part of a rigorous process that leads to safe and effective healthcare outcomes for patients.

Congratulations to all new residents! As you begin the next several years in your training, Physicians for Patient Protection wishes you success. You’ll remember these formative years for the rest of your career. Your patient encounters and constant learning will be exhausting, challenging, exhilarating, and meaningful.

We are excited to welcome you into our ranks—thousands of physicians who have taken a stand for the physician-led model that puts patients first, protecting their safety. You are warmly welcome to join our cause. And we need you! The physician-led model is under attack throughout the country, eroding the quality of care in the interest of higher profits and special interests. We’re making a difference, and you can too.

Consider joining us as resident official supporters or updating your student membership to resident membership by going into your profile as a student member.

We’re proud of your commitment to patients and to providing quality healthcare. Good luck as you begin your work in medicine and take your education to the next level.