You’ve probably noticed on any PPP webinar or virtual gathering that our community of physicians is full of smart, inspired, motivated individuals. You are all leaders in your field of practice, and you are powerful advocates for the best, physician-led care for patients. America needs to hear from you. And our blog, Topics & Insights, is a great place for you to share your thoughts.

We invite all PPP Official Supporters to contribute to the Topics & Insights blog on our website. Check out these recent examples from our community:

Out with the Old, In with the New… Data, that is

A post from an anonymous PPP member discussing how the old arguments that nonphysician practitioners (NPs, PAs, and CRNAs, collectively “NPPs”) can do the same thing as physicians at a lower cost continue to be propagated.

A Day for Physicians & A Time for Clarity

A post from the Board about Doctors’ Day: a time for appreciation and for clarity! Too few patients actually have access to a physician. And confusion is growing about what makes a “doctor.”

Setting the record straight on nonphysician practice

A post by Dr. Rebekah Bernard engaging on a critical issue: “By squelching dialogue and debate, NP and PA leaders are doing a disservice to their professions, which… are due for a major overhaul to ensure patient safety.”

We want more patients and health care professionals to hear from YOU! Submitting a guest post on a topic you care about is a great way to amplify your voice as an advocate for patient protection. Have you seen, first-hand, the dangers of non-physician-led care? Are you seeing corporate medicine erode quality and standards? Do you believe credential confusion is impacting your local community or state? It’s time to elevate your ideas and share them with others.

We offer a set of helpful guidelines you can follow to draft a Topics & Insights blog post that informs and inspires. View the Guidelines >

Thank you for considering this opportunity as we work together for patient protection. Sharing your thought leadership is a great way to help advance our common goal.