Rebekah Bernard MD and Niran Al-Agba MD|

In our book, we outline the tragic case of Alexus Ochoa, a 19-year-old woman who died when a nurse practitioner failed to properly diagnose and treat the blood clot in her lungs.  The only reason that the details of this case became public was because of a lawsuit filed by the patient’s family. Court records reveal not only a lack of appropriate medical care, but more importantly, the incredible efforts that Mercy Health Systems, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, routinely went through to hire and credential nurse practitioners to work in positions completely outside of their scope of practice, putting patients at risk to save money and increase profits.

Today we talk with attorney Robert Painter about the role of the legal system in holding bad actors like this accountable.  Mr. Painter is a former hospital administrator who is now a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyer at Painter Law Firm in Houston, Texas.

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