Pharmacists could take on a role closer to a family or emergency medicine physician if Montana legislators turn Senate Bill 112 into law, but without the training and expertise of a physician.

Pharmacists in Montana already have the authority to prescribe and administer vaccinations. SB 112 would expand their scope of practice to include prescribing chronic medications as well as allow pharmacists to diagnose and prescribe treatment based on CLIA waived tests.

Patients deserve the experience and training of a physician in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

The bill passed the Senate on January 26th with leading physicians sharing their opposition. Listen to the audio as Senators debated the bill. Montana legislators in the House can benefit from more physician expertise on this issue. Learn how a bill becomes a law in Montana.

Montana physicians: We encourage you to contact your members of the State House and share your expert opinion on how SB 112 would impact medical care and patient safety.

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