Rebekah Bernard MD and Niran Al-Agba MD |

One topic that gets women physicians fired up like no other is a discussion of gender issues in medicine. While medical school classes are currently made up of about 50% women, women physicians are still a significant minority in medical practice today, and women doctors face serious inequities due to their gender. One of the biggest challenges that women must face is the decision of if or when to have children, because of the intense and lengthy educational training process that doctors must complete.

A recent post from a nurse practitioner student who reported feeling guilty about being away from her children while on clinical rotations caused controversy among women physicians. Many women physicians noted that the number of clinical hours that the nurse practitioner student was complaining about was just a fraction of what they have had to go through while other women physicians argued that no woman clinician should have to feel guilt about balancing child-raising with education. Dr. Sonal Patel and Dr JouJou Hanna join us to discuss the nuances of this issue.