North Carolina PPP member and founder of Take Medicine Back, Dr. Mitchell Li, is quoted in a story on how state legislators have been misled about the effectiveness of advanced practice nurses. In the story, Dr. Li says:

“They are convincing legislators that APRNs are just as good as physicians,” Li said. “In fact, they (say they) are nicer and have much kinder hearts because they are nurses, (unlike) physicians and (the state) has to take care of the poor. They have convinced the legislators to give them full practice.

“What they have neglected to do is realize that the studies they are relying on are hugely biased and bad, in a nutshell. Now, it gives full range for corporate hospitals, the CVS’s and big huge corporations, to completely replace physicians with … NPs who will just do their bidding. And now the NP does not even have the liability if they screw up.”