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“I didn’t know how bad it was:” Report calls for urgent change to NP education

March 6th, 2024|

John Canion is an experienced nurse practitioner who has been working within the nursing establishment for years to improve NP education. Frustrated with the lack of positive change from NP leadership, he penned the "2023 Report on Nurse Practitioner Education and the Need for Change," which outlines the current state of NP education and proposes solutions that harken back to the original days of NP training.

Wisconsin NP legislator makes unprofessional comments during testimony on vetoed NP bill

December 1st, 2023|

Nurse practitioner and Wisconsin Senator Rachael Cabral-Guevara jokes about 'missing' lobbyist Mark Grapentine's IV... and using the largest bore needle to try again. Bill [...]

Nephrologist discusses risks, benefits, and medical ethics of IV infusions for ‘wellness’

November 27th, 2023|

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of clinics offering intravenous infusions of fluids and vitamins to treat an array of conditions [...]

The secret to retaining good doctors (and why hospital administrators don’t want to hear it)

November 1st, 2023|

Douglas Farrago MD discusses why '9 out of 10 administrators' absolutely hate his new book, The Hospital Guide to Physician Retention: Why Creating A [...]

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