Physicians who speak out in support of physician-led care face repercussions. Steven Maron, MD, a pediatrician with 31 years of experience, was fired from United Community Health Center in southern Arizona after writing a newspaper article explaining the difference in training between a physician and a nurse practitioner.

As Maron pointed out in his op-ed, while there are excellent and experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants, their education and training are not the same as that of a physician. He suggested that to make an informed decision about medical care, the public should know who is treating them and the critical differences in the training of clinicians.

Although Maron had worked for the community health center serving socioeconomically depressed children for 10 years without any disciplinary actions, he was terminated just days after the op-ed appeared in the Green Valley News. “I was told that my article stood in opposition to the principles of the organization, specifically the principle of mutual respect.”

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