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Physicians for Patient Protection and YourPhysicianFinder are excited to announce the launch of a new platform that will help patients and physicians find physician-led care.

YourPhysicianFinder.com is a directory that surveys physicians, hospitals and other healthcare facilities to rank and assess them on physician-led characteristics. A rating system will display helpful information to both doctors and patients seeking safe, physician-led teams.

It’s built to empower all users, whether physicians or patients who believe in physician-led care.

Get involved by:

  • Signing up at yourphysicianfinder.com to register your practice.

  • Spreading the word–Encourage other physicians to sign up.
  • Asking healthcare facilities and hospitals you’re affiliated with to participate and take the survey. Any facility can contact info@yourphysicianfinder.com to receive a personalized survey.

  • Joining the illness assistance network and helping other physicians.
  • Encouraging patients to use the mapper to find physician led facilities.

Share Your Story

We need to hear from you.  Non-Physician Practitioners are a valuable part of a physician-led team, but we increasingly understand that NPPs are practicing without adequate physician involvement, whether by their own choosing or not.

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