PPP, as an educational entity seeking truth and transparency in healthcare and representing more than 10,000 physicians nationally, fully supports the Federal Trade Commission rule to ban noncompete clauses nationwide. Physicians and patients will benefit from this ban, which restores fundamental freedoms and will lead to an improved healthcare system assuring the highest quality of care. Noncompete clauses are an exploitative practice that prevents physicians from taking a new job or starting their own practice at the time of their choosing. Noncompete clauses force physicians to stay in untenable work conditions or be forced to relocate their families or face expensive litigation to escape a noncompete clause.

  1. Banning noncompetes ensures the fundamental freedom of a physician to change jobs, which means more options for patients.
  2. Banning noncompetes empowers physicians to speak up regarding patient safety concerns with less fear of retaliation, which helps protect patients.
  3. Banning noncompetes gives physicians more firm standing against unfair, unilateral contract changes, which helps reduce burnout.

For the reasons above, this FTC rule can help to assure we have an adequate number of physicians to care for all patients.  We do remain concerned that many hospitals may seek to be excluded from this FTC rule, as hospitals consider themselves to have nonprofit status and thus not under FTC purview. We are encouraged that the FTC has declared it will carefully evaluate whether its rule will apply even to those nonprofit entities.

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