Physicians for Patient Protection is IN THE NEWS

Our mission is to ensure physician-led care for all patients and to promote truth and transparency regarding healthcare credentials.  We do this by educating our patients, our colleagues, and our legislators. We’re proud to be making the news across the nation.

Physicians For Patient Protection and Dr. Sampath Medepalli were included on What’s Happening In Health on WKRC-TV in a segment titled, “Nurses say proposed Ohio bill could improve access to care, but not everyone is for it”.

The piece discusses House Bill 177 that was proposed in the state of Ohio, and features a statement from Dr. Medepalli on the dangers of implementing such a bill.

Physicians for Patient Protection is featured in The Missouri Times. The op-ed is a response to an article advocating for nurse practitioners to be allowed to practice without the supervision of a physician. The article details why giving NPs more freedom is not the appropriate way to handle the physician shortage and states possible repercussions.

PPP physicians were included in the December 28, 2019 issue of The Boston Globe in a story titled, “Diverging Prescriptions.” The article was also featured on its website, with a different title, “Plan to give nurse practitioners greater role in patient care fuels debate”.

PPP is included on Jade Magazine Online in an article titled, “Doctor Needed”.

Dr. Danelle Fisher and Physicians for Patient Protection were included on Spectrum News 1 Online (Los Angeles, CA) in an article titled, “Playa Vista Doctor Worries for Future of Profession and Position.”

Within the piece Dr. Fisher explains how many patients aren’t aware that they are seeing a mid-level provider instead of a doctor, which she believes jeopardizes the quality of care. She also believes that it the patients right to demand to see a doctor; however many people do not.

Physicians for Patient Protection has been featured on Becker’s Hospital Review in an article titled, “Edward-Elmhurst to replace physicians with midlevel providers at immediate care sites.”

Specifically, the piece highlights at least 15 full-time physicians fired from Edward-Elmhurst Health to be replaced with nurse practitioners (NPs), and Physicians for Patient Protection mission to ensure physician-led care for all patients.

PPP was featured in Health Leaders Media Online (, discussing the need for physician-led team-based care for patients.

Physicians for Patient Protection physician featured in the podcast of Dr. Elaina George, Medicine on Call with Dr. Elaina George.

PPP President and Board Member, Dr. Rebekah Bernard, gets candid with Accad and Koka in their podcast.

A massive push to increase the number of nurse practitioners and physician assistants and to extend their scope of practice is under way.  The stated goal is to address a real or perceived shortage of primary care physicians. This effort worries many doctors who are concerned that patients are getting short-changed in the process.  But is this concern justified or is it simply motivated by protectionist interests?

Their guest is Dr. Rebekah Bernard, a successful family physician from Fort Myers, Florida.  She is board member of Physicians for Patient Protection, an organization calling for more transparency regarding the difference in training between physicians and non-physician providers, and advocating for legislative action to avoid misrepresentation of the capabilities and knowledge-base of nurse practitioners.

Physicians for Patient Protection has been included on in an article titled, “Why You Might See a Nurse Practitioner and Not a Doctor at Your Urgent Care Clinic.”

Dr. Amy Townsend is quoted throughout the piece discussing the dangers of not seeing an MD when visiting urgent care facilities and how many urgent care facilities are choosing to staff with non-physicians. Amy is quoted throughout the piece noting it is a , “cost-cutting measure, many urgent care facilities and even emergency rooms are choosing to staff with non-physicians.”

Physicians for Patient Protection has been included on in an article titled, “Is Walmart’s New Full-Service Clinic the Future of Community Healthcare?

Dr. Amy Townsend is quoted throughout the piece discussing her point of view on Walmart’s new full-service health clinic.

PPP shares information with Medscape regarding the firing of physicians in Chicago, with hospital plans to replace them with Nurse Practitioners.

PPP members contributed to this Medical Economics piece regarding physicians being replaced by Nurse Practitioners and loss of patient choice.

PPP is featured in MedPageToday regarding physicians being fired and replaced with Nurse Practitioners.