Physicians for Patient Protection has signed onto a joint letter with other physician groups to the Attorney General of North Carolina requesting an investigation into the corporate practice of medicine (CPOM). A majority of states prohibit CPOM because physicians should be entrusted with decision-making, not corporations.

Using deceptive legal loopholes and shell corporations, CPOM laws are being circumvented in many states, including North Carolina where two related lawsuits are underway against the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).

In the letter, we state:

“…what was once a noble profession of medicine is in danger of being decimated by the current drastic changes that are occurring in the industry called healthcare. This has resulted in a public health crisis compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and has led to a rampant monopoly and private equity driven extraction of monies from those pockets of North Carolina that are currently worst hit by the corporate practice of medicine. Restoring this profession and protecting patients from corporate interests will take bold and necessary actions.”

PPP joins with Take Medicine Back, the AAEM Resident & Student Association, Americans for Financial Reform, the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, Free2Care Coalition, TX400 and Texas Physicians for Patients PAC, American Economic Liberties Project, Louisiana Physicians for Patients, and Mountain Maladies in developing and signing this letter.