PPP Social Media and Communications Policy

Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP) encourages truthful and honest discourse over issues relating to Patient Safety and Truth and Transparency in Healthcare.  Our official mission and official editorials and positions may be found on our website .

PPP does not tolerate and reserves the right to remove any postings inconsistent with our mission, false or misleading statements, fraudulent or retaliatory activities including negative/false online review of individual members, impersonation of any person or entity, postings of content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

Individual members are free to speak as individuals, but should not represent that their opinion reflects that of PPP.  Views of individual members should be so stated and not imply official PPP positions.  PPP is not responsible for unofficial postings not authorized by the PPP Board.

PPP will remove posts or links to any advertising, promotional materials or other forms of commercial solicitation unless an approved PPP member benefit.

PPP Co-Sponsorship of Events or Outside Organizations

PPP policy prohibits event promotion of outside organizations/institutions programs unless PPP is a co-sponsor (or similar reference if CME prohibits “co-sponsor”) of an activity.  PPP will not endorse any program, project or service. PPP will consider co-sponsorship opportunities
when all the following criteria are met:

  • Proposed activity aligns with current PPP mission and goals and does not interfere with a scheduled PPP event
  • PPP is involved in the activity from the onset and participates in the event planning process (this can be a physician who is a member of the organization/institution who represents PPP and reports back/checks in during planning) to assure ongoing communications and a high-quality program
  • PPP name and logo must appear on all promotional and activity related materials.
  • A registration discount for PPP members is considered, or if there is a reciprocal agreement to promote an upcoming PPP event at no charge

In addition, PPP can offer:

  • To assist with event promo with PPP approved content (PPP membership database CANNOT be released to any outside party).
  • Assist with CME (if interested or needed).
  • Assist with event registration (pre event and on-site)
  • Assist with event follow-up (if or as needed).
  • Fees may be required for any or all of these activities.


PPP acceptance of donations does not imply endorsement of any entity, organization or contributor. Donations will be accepted from groups, corporations or entities whose mission and purpose align with PPP, but acceptance of such donations does not imply endorsement or provide
access to any of PPP’s data, resources or media communications.

General Rules

No Board Member, Member or Staff will commit to any program co-sponsorship or social media posting without express approval of the Board. All requests for Co-sponsorship or social media posting by PPP, or promotional requests, must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable, to info@physiciansforpatientprotection.org) with specific content drafted for PPP Board approval. These policies were approved by the Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP) Board.
Reviewed and updated on: 8/23/2019