PPP member, Dr. Brian Wilhelmi, is featured on Healthcare Risk Management, in an article focusing on how staffing shortages could increase liability risks.

Staffing shortages are causing a wide range of problems within healthcare facilities, one of them being greater liability risks. “The effects on patient safety and increased liability from staffing shortages has been expected for some time. It’s here and the effects are happening. The effects are profound.” Dr. Wilhelmi goes on to say that “the staffing crisis involves more than just nurses,” and the “healthcare industry is seeking profitability by providing cheaper clinicians to more people in a rapid throughput fashion.” “However, the cardiology group may find it profitable to have their physicians performing high-dollar procedures and avoiding such ‘onerous’ tasks as hospital consult medicine. Every hospital has to be aware that they will face increased financial pressure due to low physician and non-physician payments from payors.”