Right now, the Tennessee legislature is in session—a period of lawmaking that will run through spring 2022. Last year, similar bills were introduced that would dismantle the physician-led model. Those bills are back and we encourage you to act now to educate lawmakers about the consequences of these bills if passed. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Two bills have been under consideration since 2021 in the Tennessee legislature. House Bill 0184 and its companion, Senate Bill 0176, are advancing again in 2022. These bills would remove physician oversight for the state’s APRNs and eliminate requirements for PAs to have a formal relationship with a physician.
  • Essentially, these bills could give PAs and certain nurses the right to practice medicine, diagnose and prescribe independently.

PAs and nurses in Tennessee have politically mobilized. Across the state, their professional organizations are activating them to support these bills. They’re contacting their elected state representatives, trying to push these bills toward passage. Time is of the essence. Your action will help the Tennessee General Assembly understand what’s at stake.

Tennessee Physicians: contact your members of the legislature today and tell them why these bills will harm patients.

All it takes is a quick phone call from an expert like you to help defend high-quality medical care.

Tell your representatives:

  • That patient safety and quality of care will be impacted, and
  • Eliminating the physician-led model, which has a proven track-record for patient safety and quality of care, will compromise healthcare in Tennessee.

You can learn more about scope of practice legislation in Tennessee by visiting the excellent overview from the Tennessee Medical Association.