A bill advancing today, June 9, in the North Carolina House of Representatives would authorize independent practice for nurses.

Independent practice for nurses is a policy that has never passed the North Carolina General Assembly before. This idea, which would erode physician-led medicine across the state, has been included in an omnibus bill, HB 149, Expanding Access to Healthcare, that includes language authorizing independent practice for nurses previously included in the SAVE Act – HB 277. HB 149 has passed in the NC Senate and will now return to the NC House for a concurrence vote.

It is urgent for all North Carolina physicians to take a few minutes today to call your state representative in Raleigh. Also, share this message with your colleagues and make them aware of what’s happening.

Lawmakers pay attention when they hear from experts like you. Your voice matters. Sharing your expert opinion today is essential for patient safety across North Carolina. You can lookup your representative by county at the link below.

We’re grateful to the North Carolina Medical Society for educating and engaging on this important issue. You can learn more about the Society’s advocacy priorities here.