Mercy Hylton, a pediatric emergency physician and a member of Physicians for Patient Protection, is quoted in a story discussing health care cost reductions in Indiana.

Dr. Hylton made key points about how allowing healthcare corporations free rein over cost reductions will likely lead to cost-cutting measures in staff and salaries, which could lead to less quality care for patients. The story emphasizes how Dr. Hylton supports the state enforcing antitrust laws, as well as price transparency laws with stringent enforcement. The article includes Dr. Hylton’s well-rounded position that there are many ways the Indiana state legislature could lower prices for patients, improve quality of care and improve workplace conditions for health care employees. Alternatives include promoting true competition among hospitals by enforcing antitrust laws and banning non-compete clauses, enforcing clear distinctions between whether or not a patient is seeing a nurse practitioner or a physician, and more.