After passing the U.S. House, a bill is advancing to the Senate that would put patients at risk and expand NP and PA scope of practice across the country. Called the “Improving Access to Worker’s Compensation for Injured Federal Workers Act”, HR 6087 would empower NPs and PAs to diagnose, prescribe, treat and certify an injury and extent of disability for the purpose of federal workers compensation.

Only physicians have the necessary education, clinical training, and expertise to properly assess permanent disability or impairment. Giving NPs and PAs the right to make these determinations will increase the cost of workers’ comp and will put patients at risk.

Certain lawmakers in the House of Representatives know that this proposal is controversial. So they used a parliamentary tactic typically applied to non-controversial bills to rapidly advance and pass it. Now, the Senate will consider this bill.

Highly-skilled physicians must continue in their important role when making accurate diagnoses. Especially for matters as important as disability.

We urge all physicians to share their expert opinions with their two U.S. Senators. Lawmakers listen when leaders like you join together.