We are joined by Eric Starkman, an investigative journalist who works to shed light on dangerous corporate practices in healthcare. Mr. Starkman is relentless in exposing the work of bad actors in the medical-industrial complex and discusses how the replacement of physicians by nonphysician practitioners is contributing to the decline of the U.S. healthcare system.

Read Eric Starkman’s article about the book ‘Patients at Risk’ here.

An excerpt: “The deceit are the studies purportedly showing that NP and PA patient outcomes are statistically the same as medical doctors. According to Niran Al-Agba and Rebekah Bernard, the MD authors of “Patients at Risk,” all of the studies involved NPs and PAs who worked under the supervision of doctors. The authors insist there are no credible studies evaluating patient outcomes involving NPs and PAs working without medical supervision, which they are doing with increasing frequency.

The corruption is that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are increasingly foisting NPs and PAs on patients without patients knowing it. The trend in healthcare today is to refer to everyone who interacts with patients as “healthcare providers” and they all wear white coats. At some hospitals, even the orderlies and housekeeping staff wear white coats, so it’s impossible to distinguish the real doctors among the white coat brigades.

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants aren’t real doctors. They can’t, don’t, and never will provide comparable medical care. They’re MD Lites – Less training. Less knowledge. Less skills.”

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