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Our mission is to ensure physician-led care for all patients and to advocate for truth and transparency regarding healthcare practitioners.

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  • Appropriation of the Terms Residency and Fellowship is Wrong

Why the Appropriation of the Terms Residency and Fellowship is Wrong

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About the Residency and Fellowship that Physicians Complete Residency training has been part of physician education after medical school for about 125 years.  Initially, though, residency wasn't a requirement following medical school. Today, physicians [...]

The Voice of Young Physicians Regarding Scope of Practice

Florida Medical Association Resident/Fellow Physicians Oppose HB 607, Which Allows for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Autonomous Practice An essay serving as a voice of young physicians to communicate the fundamental reasons we oppose [...]

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“PPP is important because the public deserves truth and transparency in health care, and because I will be a patient too, one day.”

Rebekah B., MD

“Not every person who wears a white coat or calls themselves “doctor” has gone through the same rigorous training, schooling, or exams as a physician. Patients deserve to know the truth and have access to safe medical care.”

Purvi P., MD

“Physicians for Patient Protection is about patients being first.  Always.”

Natalie N., MD