This is it. You studied hard and performed at your peak in class. You’ve built your skills and knowledge. You’ve earned great recommendations, kept your calm, and focused on your goals. It’s time for residency.

At Physicians for Patient Protection, we wish you a successful match. One that will bring you critical experience and further your path into the profession.
As you advance in the clinical setting, remember these three things and you will succeed.

1. Protect your patients. They come first.
2. Physician leadership in medicine has worked for generations. Trust this model.
3. Not everyone around you will remember numbers 1 and 2. So remind them.

We are a coalition of physicians standing up across the United States for patient protection. We advocate for physician-led care and truth and transparency. It’s a fight worth joining.

Learn more about Physicians for Patient Protection, and see how YOU can make a greater impact on the future of healthcare.

As we celebrate with those who matched, we remember and stand with those who did not. We will continue to work to increase residency positions in the United States.

Happy Match Day 2023!