Physicians are usually so busy taking care of patients that we sometimes ignore the political aspects of healthcare, leaving the decisions to legislators and policymakers, many of whom do not truly understand what it is like to deliver medical trenches in the trenches. Unfortunately, the old adage, “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the table,” is nowhere truer than in the healthcare legislative process.

Today, I am joined by two experts to help us understand how physicians can be effectively involved in advocacy for our patients and for our profession.

Dr. Purvi Parikh is an allergist and immunologist practicing in New York who has been involved in political advocacy since she was a medical student. She is also a fellow board member of Physicians for Patient Protection.

Linda Lambert served as the executive director for the New York chapter of the American College of Physicians for over 20 years and has spent the last several years of her pseudo-retirement helping Physicians for Patient Protection build our organization.