North Carolina PPP member and founder of Take Medicine Back, Dr. Mitchell Li, is quoted in a story about the state’s Supreme Court decision to overturn a 93-year-old precedent that prevented nurses from being held liable for medical harm. The story states:

  • Previously, nurses could not be held liable for causing medical injuries under doctor supervision, unless the nurse was obviously negligent
  • Justices recently overruled the 1932 court case, saying the role of nurses has changed, and there is increased specialization and independence of nurses in the treatment of patients
  • The advocacy group, Physicians for Patient Protection, says this ruling is aimed more so at advanced practice registered nurses who have the ability to perform tests and prescribe medicine, similar to medical doctors

Dr. Li is quoted, saying:

“I think the Supreme Court ruling focused on what was presented in front of them. Here was this 3-year-old girl, and the decisions were made by a CRNA. They looked at that portion of the case and thought that person was making independent medical decisions that directly had a negative outcome on this child.”