Every single day physicians are fighting a battle, although many of us may not yet realize it.  While only 19,000 new physicians graduate from medical school per year, nursing programs are churning out nurse practitioners (NPs) at a rate of 23,000 per year. With Physician Assistants (PAs)...

Our mission in Physicians for Patient Protection is to ensure physician-led care for all patients and to advocate for truth and transparency regarding healthcare providers.  Physician-led care matters because that's exactly what many patients are not getting.  And we know that physician-led care is exactly what the vast majority of patients want.1

Why do we exist?  For patients.

Every day, patients in the United States are being denied access to physician-led care. “You don’t need to see a doctor; the PA is just as good,” they are told.  Or, “Our NP has a doctorate in nursing – she can do everything that a physician can do.” While most patients tend to be rightly skeptical that care will be “the same,” they may give in to the pressure from front-desk staff and agree to see a non-physician provider (NPP) – or they may not have a choice. This denial of patient access to physician care is wrong.  But if we don’t do something about it, it will continue and only worsen.